Too Much Love

It all started in my kitchen - humming a little song. 

I finished it 2 years ago.  Hope you Enjoy!

​​​​You're All I Need

Full Pull

My late husband, Barrie Rogers, had a passion for big loud tractors and tractor pulling.  He told me all the hours of thought and work that has to go into each pull.  This song hopefully shows the love of this sport.

When Mamas Pray

When Mamas Pray was wrote in 1997-1998 at a time when my own children were going through growing pains. This song also came from a time I remembered my mother would walk 6 times around the park every morning for each one of kids.

​The miracles that I have witnessed when mamas bear their souls happens everyday.....sometimes from one unshed tear.

​*When Mamas Pray was produced by Steve Fansler Las Vegas.


A Redo of an old original song.

  • When Mamas Prays3:44

Cover of

"Don't it make my brown eyes blue"

Live @ Acoustic Junction in Junction City

No Plans

An original when I had no job...

Side By Side

Marilyn Rogers

Combiners Prayer