​Marysville, KS Type your paragraph here.

Ladies - This will be professionally videoed for 3 original songs I wrote. One of them is Ugly Girls will be featured in a Country Music Magazine in December 2022. I will need you all to sign off that your aware it will be published. 

A few things that are required to be and Ugly Girl:

A taste for Tequila

You have left clothing on the Dance Floor

 You can't remember who you came with

You laughed so hard your makeup is a mess and you have peed your pants

You used them men's bathroom by mistake

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The Story of the Ugly Girls Party


This will be our 3rd official "Ugly Girl Party" It started in 1993 when an innocent, gorgeous group of ladies from Barnes, KS went to Wagon Wheel in Marysville, KS.  The wagon Wheel has many memories for a lot of us but this night we started drinking Tequila.Se your paragraph here.

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3rd Ugly Girl Party​Type your paragraph here.

August 31st - Wednesday - 6pm-8pmType your paragraph here.